Car Accident Chiropractic Houston

You’re Smart to Seek A Chiropractor After a Car Accident in Houston

car accident chiropractor houstonYou’re smart to seek a personal injury chiropractor after a car accident in Houston for several reasons. Here are a few of them:

Musculoskeletal Injuries Best Treated with Chiropractic

Many injuries that are caused in a car accident are chiropractic conditions because they affect the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nervous system. By adjusting the spine manually, the body is given every opportunity to restore itself through the nervous system.

Every organ and tissue of your body receives its ‘life force’ from nervous system impulses, but if there is a trauma to the physical body, bones can easily get out of alignment. Until the alignment is restored, the nervous system impulses are blocked, depriving you of your precious life force. This is why one of the most common chiropractic conditions, when someone seeks out a chiropractor in Houston, is after a car accident.

Medical Treatment is Not Good Enough

Seeing your medical doctor for car accident or personal injury cases is good but it’s not enough. A medical doctor evaluates and treats you for medical conditions, especially ones that are life-threatening, but does not look for chiropractic conditions such as a spinal misalignment resulting from a car accident.

Here’s an example to illustrate this. If your car was hit from behind, the impact to your vehicle is transferred to your body. Your head is ‘whipped’ backward and then forward.

Your head was not meant to experience this type of trauma. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments become strained, sprained or even torn in the process. This type of personal injury is called whiplash, and it is one of several types of chiropractic conditions that need the help of a chiropractor in Houston.

Because the muscles and tendons could not hold your neck in place, the vertebral bones underneath them have now moved out of place. Once the bones are out of place, they will impinge upon the nerves that emerge through the hole in each vertebrae. This is all a matter of the physics of trauma. It explains why an adjustment from your car accident chiropractor in Houston, Dr. Viri, can make a difference in your condition.

It also explains why many people who only seek medical treatment for their car accident or personal injury claim are often not healed during the first few months after the accident. Their body aches and pains linger for several months and they never feel as if they are healed totally. Their injuries become old injuries that never healed.

The whole situation was much more easily remedied with a series of appointments with a chiropractor in Houston for the car accident personal injury in the first place. No one wants to experience pain long-term, but many don’t understand that their choice in health professionals makes a huge difference in how long they remain dysfunctional and in pain.

Don’t become a victim to pain and suffering that lingers for months or even years by not seeking the right care after you experience injuries in a car accident or in a personal injury of any type. 

Make an appointment with Dr. Viri D.C., your chiropractor in Houston today. Car accident injuries are chiropractic conditions needing treatment.  Schedule your first appointment online now!