Sports Injuries Treatment

Are You Still Suffering From Sports Injuries in Houston? Time to See Sports Chiropractor Dr. Viri!

sports-injury chiropractor houstonLet’s say you’re on a sports team or you’re working out at your gym. You slip and fall on the field or gym floor or worse yet, another athlete running full speed slams into you. You are carried off on a stretcher to the Emergency Room at the local hospital in Houston for sports injuries treatment.

Will your sports injury have the greatest chance of recovering?

Think carefully before answering…
The answer is no, says Chiropractor in Houston, Dr. Viri, D.C., who offers chiropractic services at her local Rehabilitation and Wellness Clinic.
Medical treatment involves diagnosis. This is good. It involves treatment. This is good, too.

But it’s not enough. If the medical treatment for your sports injuries in Houston involves painkillers, you have a risk of developing painkiller addiction and negative side effects. This affects your quality of life negatively, and magnifies the extent of your sports injuries. Some painkillers cause thinning of the arteries and veins, making them prone to tear and cause internal hemorrhaging.

Treat Your Sports Injuries in Houston Holistically

“Sports injuries in Houston or anywhere must be attended to as a chiropractic condition,” said Dr. Viri. “This is because the musculoskeletal system is innervated by the nervous system. A trauma to any part of this system needs the nerve flow to the body part involved in the sports injury to be restored. This can only occur with manual manipulation by a chiropractor.”

And it makes a lot of sense! When you were growing up, you no doubt learned the jingle about the knee bone connected to the shinbone… The skeleton is composed of bones and joints that work together so when one part of the skeleton is out of alignment, the whole skeleton is off.

What this means is that a simple ankle sprain doesn’t stay a simple ankle sprain if you continue walking in a way to favor that ankle. It now affects the knee, foot and ankle of the other foot. Before long, you are developing another problem from the initial sports injury!

“With chiropractic treatments for sports injuries at my Houston office, you are treated with natural healing but you don’t have to abandon medical treatments. For sports injuries, why not use noninvasive and methods that are not harmful that can relieve pain and stimulate the healing process? This is what I do all the time for sports injuries treatment as a chiropractor in Houston. What you want is to use the same methods that athletes will use to get back on the playing field quickly – and just about every professional sports team utilizes the services of a chiropractor! They know what works and will do it to preserve their sports career,” Dr. Viri said.

What Sports Injuries are Chiropractic Conditions?

Sports injuries are chiropractic conditions – conditions that will respond positively to chiropractic. By realigning the bones and joints, the nerve flow that brings the healing can get through to the injured area. And that’s exactly what you want!

Your sports injuries in Houston could include any of the following, which are treated with chiropractic:

  • Knee injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Hand, wrist, elbow and arm sports injuries
  • Ankle, foot, leg and hip sports injuries

“Pain relief doesn’t have to be addictive pain medications,” Dr. Viri said. “It could be acupuncture, massage, ultrasound or other modern treatments that relieve pain in multiple ways and decrease healing time – all without side effects.”

Call the office today to find out if your sports injuries are chiropractic conditions and qualify as ones that can improve rapidly. Ask Dr. Viri what she can do for you!