Knee Pain

Do You Have Knee Pain That Won’t Go Away?

knee pain chiropractor houstonKnee pain is one of the chiropractic conditions that your Houston chiropractor, Dr. Viri D.C., treats. This is good news for those who have knee pain, are taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications, restricted motion, are becoming a shut-in and saddened or frustrated about your life.

What Causes Knee Pain?

There are many causes of knee pain. It could be due to an injury, arthritis, a developmental problem such as Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, neurological disorders, ankle problems, abnormal gait patterns, muscle imbalances, and bone disorders or trauma. Sometimes at the time of the injury, a popping sound is heard and then the knee collapses, making the person fall. At this point, walking is impossible.

Some of these causes of knee pain need medical attention, while many of them are relieved greatly with chiropractic care given by your chiropractor in Houston.

Referred Pain Can Cause Knee Pain

There’s another cause of knee pain – one called referred pain. In this type of knee pain, the source of the knee pain is the nerve flow supplying the knee is disturbed and possibly compressed. The nerve compression may occur at the level of the vertebrae in the low back, the sacroiliac joints, hip joints, pelvis, thigh or muscles around the knee.

Knee pain may also be caused by trigger points or knots in the muscles around the knee. Once these trigger points are addressed with a form of therapeutic massage therapy called trigger point therapy, the pain may be 50% less in a matter of minutes.

Did You Know That Chiropractic Works for Knee Pain?

Your chiropractor, Dr. Viri, in Houston, is well-equipped to handle the treatment of your knee pain. She utilizes a number of different modalities – all of them that relieve pain instead of causing pain – and all of them that are natural types of treatment with no negative side effects.

Some of the treatments Dr. Viri, D.C. uses include:

  • chiropractic manipulation of the knee, low back, hip and pelvis
  • physical therapy
  • applied kinesiology
  • trigger point therapy
  • ultrasound therapy
  • electrostimulation therapy
  • flexion distraction therapy
  • muscle imbalance adjustments
  • cold therapy
  • heat therapy
  • nutritional supplements
  • diet changes
  • rehabilitation exercises

You may already have given up on your knee pain, but today is a new day. Dr. Viri, D.C. has been treating knee pain successfully for several years. Call her office today and schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Then give your knee the necessary time it needs to heal and start experiencing life again with less pain and even total healing!