Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Isn’t Something You Have to Live With!

shoulder pain chiropractor houstonIf you have shoulder pain, you aren’t alone. At some time or another, about 50% of people will have pain in their shoulder. Shoulder pain is a common condition treated by chiropractic methods. The large shoulder joint is one of the easiest to become misaligned from a fall or a weight lifting accident. Even carrying backpacks or heavy bags or pushing heavy objects may be enough to initiate shoulder pain.

Your chiropractor in Houston may adjust your shoulder joint. Every joint in the body is subject to become misaligned and every joint in the body may be adjusted. Your chiropractor is the only one who can safely adjust every joint in the body. She learned chiropractic manipulation techniques in chiropractic school on how to do this.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms

When the shoulder joint is misaligned, there’s a lot of pain in this area. You may have a problem raising your arm and feel it get ‘stuck’ on the way up. Some people are totally unable to lift their arm above their shoulder when they have shoulder pain. You may also have weakness, swelling or hot sensations in your shoulder. It may be difficult for you to lift a grocery bag or purse, or even drive.

However, one adjustment to the joint could be enough to re-align the shoulder joint, and relieve the pain from that instant on.

What is Referred Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain may also be referred pain from the neck or upper back. What this means is that the pain is not officially coming from the shoulder joint itself, but is coming from compressed nerves that ‘feed’ the shoulder area which emanate in the spine or neck.

In this case, adjustment of the spine will be necessary to start to restore the nerve flow to the shoulder joint. This is why your chiropractor in Houston may adjust your shoulder joint and your neck/upper back. Every time a spinal adjustment is made, the pressure on the nerves that are compressed are given a reprieve and a chance to heal themselves. With every successive spinal adjustment, greater and greater amounts of healing occur until finally the healing is complete.

Nerve flow brings healing every time! It’s what you need to stimulate full recovery. In fact, when you think about it, medications won’t increase nerve flow! Neither will injected painkillers.

How Your Chiropractor Treats Shoulder Pain

Your Houston chiropractor may require x-rays or other imaging studies of your shoulder and/or your neck to properly diagnose what is happening in your body to cause shoulder pain. She will also make a determination on whether or not she can treat your condition effectively or if another health practitioner should see you.

Once it has been determined that you can be treated with chiropractic, you will be manually adjusted. Hot packs or cold packs may be used on your shoulder, neck or spine. Acupuncture, rehabilitation exercises, physical therapy, massage and other pain-relieving methods may also be used during your treatment.

The sooner you seek treatment for your shoulder pain, the sooner the healing will begin. However, if you don’t seek treatment, healing may be minimal simply because the nerve flow can’t get through!
Schedule your Houston chiropractor appointment today for shoulder pain! Let the healing begin.