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Why An Evidence-Based Medical Approach Doesn’t Work

children kids chiropractor houstonMidwives tell their patients who are moms-to-be that chiropractic is important. Chiropractors have used chiropractic manipulation on children for over a hundred years. And moms who schedule chiropractic appointments know firsthand that chiropractic works for children. They’ll rush off to the chiropractor when their child has colic, ear infections, colds and flu, and many other conditions.

Why Does My Medical Doctor Not Want Me to Go To the Chiropractor?

So why do some people wonder if chiropractic even works for children? Most likely it’s because of the trend in medicine for something called “evidence-based medicine”. What this means is unless they believe there are several medical studies that are well-designed and prove a treatment works, then no one should believe that it really does work.

As you can imagine, this whole idea is often taken to the extreme – and because of animosity that still exists between the medical and chiropractic profession, medical doctors will often say that chiropractic hasn’t been proven to work in children.

It’s a totally unfair judgment against the chiropractic profession as a whole – and here’s why. First of all, everything can’t be proven. Many well-known medical procedures have never been proven by medical studies, yet these procedures are still used. Then there are medical procedures such as drug detoxification that are proven to be harmful and cause death of 25% of those receiving it – and these procedures are still used!

Natural Healing Method of Chiropractic Helps Children

Chiropractic doesn’t kill – it’s a drugless, non-invasive form of treatment that integrates the nervous system via a spinal adjustment to a joint in the back, neck or other bone in the body. 

There are numerous case studies and group studies where chiropractic therapy restored hearing, eliminated back and neck pain, alleviated symptoms caused by birth trauma, helped flip baby position in the womb, eliminate colic and ADHD, alleviate ear infections, boost immunity, stop children’s headaches, alleviate constipation, and a lot of other conditions in children and in adults.

Medical studies help us determine which way to go in and for treatment but they should not be idolized as the end all, last word on everything. There has to be room for common sense. It makes sense that the connection between children and chiropractic is a smart one; the evidence is all around. You’ll see it yourself with your children.

On the other hand, better stop using tissues to wipe your nose – it’s not evidence-based!

If your child is experiencing any physical health issues, emotional or behavioral issues, these may have a basis in the musculoskeletal system. If joints are out of place and the nerve flow can’t get through to the organs and tissues where they are supposed to go, all types of symptoms will arise.

Call our Houston chiropractic office today and discover what chiropractic can do for your children. It could save them years of misery and save you years of frustration! Our friendly staff makes healing fun!