Stress Reduction

How Dr. Viri D.C., Your Chiropractor in Houston, Benefits You During Stress

stress and chiropractic houstonStress is everywhere to be found – but there’s a secret about it that many people who get regular chiropractor care in Houston have discovered – they can easily reduce their stress levels by scheduling a chiropractor visit!

They may have a bad attitude about life when they first show up at the office but leave the office smiling and feeling mentally calm, stable and well-balanced. Why is this? The stress in their life hasn’t decreased at all.

Why Chiropractic Helps Your Body During Stress

The reason why is that chiropractic works directly on the nervous system and impacts it positively. By adjusting the spine, the nerves that emanate from the vertebrae can now bring the nerve flow on their merry way, making you happy!
Every nerve in your body is happier once it can do what it is supposed to do – provide the nerve flow to the organ and tissues it is supposed to help!

You feel less stressed immediately after your spinal adjustment and treatment by Dr. Viri, D.C., Chiropractor in Houston, no matter what chiropractic conditions she is treating you for. You stand up straighter. You feel well and like you want to do something positive. All these feelings are directly opposite the feelings of stress.
“When you take care of your nervous system, it takes care of you!” Dr. Viri tells her patients. She’s been a chiropractor in Houston for more than four years now and has seen the direct effects of stress reduction on patients during this whole time.

Chiropractic and Immune System

Chiropractic also helps your immune system reset itself, so if you happen to have an infection such as a cold or the flu, it’s advantageous to schedule a few chiropractic appointments. Studies show an immediate boost of immunity right after the spinal adjustment!

Nervous System Functions

“One reason for stress is pain,” Dr. Viri said. “When you have pain, have you noticed how easy it is to forget about things you normally never forget? The pain is interfering with how your nervous system functions. Part of your nervous system is your brain, which allows you to focus, make decisions, remember information, see, smell, hear, and taste foods. During stress, all these cognitive functions and the height of the responses of the five senses can be lessened greatly. However, a nervous system re-set with a chiropractic adjustment gets everything back on track!”

Dr. Viri loves seeing each one of his patients get exceptional response from their chiropractic treatments. “I’m here in my chiropractic office in Houston to help you through the stressful times to facilitate stress as a good thing…”

If you’re feeling stressful times right now, don’t expect them to go away on their own. The stress you feel is your body’s way of asking for more help. Let Dr. Viri, D.C. help you out. Give her chiropractic office a call today.