Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches in Houston Respond to Chiropractic

Why Do You Get Migraine Headaches?

migraine headaches chiropractor houstonYour body is a lot like a car. When you get a flat tire, one part of the working parts of the car is not working. When you have the flat tire changed, the car works again.

When you get migraines, the anatomical parts of your body inside your head are not working properly. There are nerves inside your head that detect pain, pressure, temperature, and vibration. When these nerves are disrupted in any way, they may cause pain or give you a headache to let you know it’s time to take care of them. This is the time when you may need the services of a Houston chiropractor for your migraine headaches.

When your Houston chiropractor adjusts your neck, things happen. Your spinal cord gives off nerves that supply the flow of nerve impulses to all parts of your head, and vertebrae. A spinal adjustment fixes vertebrae out of place. The nerves that were compressed and interrupted the nerve flow to your head are now re-aligned. For migraine headaches, your Houston chiropractor thus assists your body to relieve the pain through the realignment.

Low Blood Sugar May Cause Migraines

Another cause of migraine headaches in Houston or elsewhere is low blood sugar levels. This often occurs because someone is eating the wrong foods in their diet, and a few hours after eating, the blood sugar plummets, causing a whopper of a headache.

Dr. Viri D.C., a Houston Chiropractor, frequently helps patients eliminate their migraine headaches by both realigning the spinal vertebrae and finding the nutritional root of their headache issue.

A simple consultation with her is all that’s needed to start on the road to putting migraine headaches in your past. Some current or recent blood tests may be needed to help identify the cause.

Trauma to the Head Causes Migraine Headaches

A third cause of migraine headaches in Houston or any other place in the world is a trauma to the head. If you fall and hit your head or receive a blow to your head, the impact ‘rearranges’ your head and neck bones as well as any other bones.

Trauma to the head and neck can occur from hitting your head against the car door, a bathroom door or even during a forceps delivery when you were born.

However, once your Houston chiropractor starts realigning your neck vertebrae, there will be a noticeable difference in how you feel. Your migraines will decrease in frequency over time and then six months or a year will pass and you’ll say, “I haven’t had a migraine headache this whole time!” Migraines are often chiropractic conditions that need chiropractic care.

More Serious Medical Conditions Causing Migraines

It’s rare that serious medical conditions such as a brain tumor can cause migraines but it’s possible. Your Houston chiropractor has you covered, here, too because she can detect other causes of migraine headaches that are serious through orthopedic testing. She will refer you to your primary care physician if this happens so you can get medical treatment.

If you live in the Houston and surrounding area, you don’t have to experience migraine headaches anymore. Give chiropractor, Dr. Viri, D.C. a call today and schedule your first appointment – and start to see results in the first week.