Prenatal (Pregnancy) Chiropractic

Is Prenatal Chiropractic Helpful for Your Family?

prenatal chiropractic houstonLet’s examine this thought starting from the time that a woman first gets pregnant. The baby is developing inside her womb and needs every bit of nutrition it can get. How can prenatal chiropractic in Houston help?

For example, Dr. Viri D.C., Houston Chiropractor, offers nutritional counseling. The usual medical intervention is prenatal checkups and the prescription of a prenatal vitamins.

But prenatal chiropractic in Houston goes far beyond that to insure that the prenatal vitamin is supplemented with a healthy diet. Dr. Viri explains to moms-to-be what exactly they will need to eat or not eat to keep the baby’s development growing at a steady pace and right on time. She might even spot a few vitamin or mineral deficiencies if you have morning sickness, constipation or other common health issues during pregnancy and offer some nutritional supplements.

Regular prenatal chiropractic care also could help keep the baby in the proper position in the womb – and many chiropractors over the years have used their adjustments as a way to reposition the wayward little one who decides he wants to come out feet first. Chiropractic adjustments at the Houston clinic of Dr. Viri to pregnant women also keep back pain at a low incidence, and there are specific ways that pregnant women are adjusted to make them more comfortable.

Family Chiropractic In Houston Treats Babies, Too

Let’s say the baby is then born. If the baby’s delivery involved a forceps, there most likely was a lot of extra twisting of the baby’s delicate muscles and bones in the neck.

Setting these spinal misalignments straight in a gentle manner early in life instead of later is a good way to insure that the baby isn’t susceptible to ear infections, allergies, colic and a lot of other common baby health issues. The medical literature even cites cases where children with ADHD and other congenital conditions are helped remarkably by chiropractic adjustments.

Growing kids love to pack their school backpacks full of books – and this in turn can cause a lot of spinal pain in their young bodies. Dr. Viri in Houston takes the time to explain the backpack rule to the teens and young children so they don’t develop pain from carrying too much weight in their backpack.

Kids and young adults are active and engage in sports – and sports may involve sports injuries at one time or another. Sports injuries are not only medical conditions; they are also chiropractic conditions.

Chiropractic methods Dr. Viri uses in Houston include ones that relieve pain quickly – and help you realize you always feel better when you are at the end of your chiropractic appointment! You’re glad you had your visit and your attitude is better about everything in life, too!

Aging Brings on Conditions Managed Well with Family Chiropractic in Houston, Too!

As you go through your life’s journey in life, you’ll find that your body has its specific times when you have to pay attention to it. It’s during these times when stepping up your chiropractic visits pays off royally.

For example, let’s say you’re going through menopause or andropause (male menopause). Chiropractic adjustments and treatment will help your entire family adjust better to the stresses that accompany this time period.

In fact, studies show that chiropractic not only helps your body deal with stress better, but it also boosts your immune system. You only stay healthier with family chiropractic treatments in Houston.

Here’s a list of other conditions you may already know about that are improved with chiropractic care:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • hip pain
  • arthritis
  • sports injuries
  • car accident injuries
  • hand, wrist, elbow and arm pain
  • foot, ankle, heel and knee pain
  • disk herniations
  • stenosis
  • sciatica

If you’re unsure of whether or not your personal health issue is a chiropractic condition that is benefitted by Dr. Viri, give her a call today and find out. This simple act could literally change your life for the better – for your entire life!